Windows Search service not starts when ASTER enabled in Windows 10

I have discovered strange problem with Windows Search service when ASTER enabled on Windows 10. It will keeps stopping, cannot be start even manualy. It says about error 1008 invalid token.

Try every fix found on Google to repair indexing service, but no help. Then I have noticed this problem is only on ASTER machines (have about 20 now), so I disabled ASTER and Windows Search works. Automaticaly started, no problem found. When ASTER enabled again, Windows Search service keeps stopping again. (Event viewer contains messages ID 7034 with huge number of sudden stop of search service.)
Diagnostic run ends with “Service cannot be started” and “User rights for search folder are not set correctly”. But no right have to be modified, only disable ASTER and after restart Windows Search working flawlessly.

I am quite unhappy with this, because of many users in my domains using Outlook and without Windows Search service it is not possible to search emails.

My installations are mostly Windows 10 EDU or Windows 10 Pro x64 bit version Czech Language build 1903 but observed on 1803 too). All Windows Updates applied to 1903 machines, but no help. I have never seen this error on Windows 7 Pro.

Can anybody confirm this? Please developers to focus on this problem. I have made detailed testing, and even if it will not be everywhere repeatable bug, it is really connected to ASTER installation.

Every help very appreciated. Solving urgent machine setup now. Thank everybody in advance.

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